Press Release

Lung Cancer Awareness - do you know the symptoms?

Lung cancer awareness month starts on 1st November. 

Pharmacists and their teams can play a vital part in raising awareness by developing their own knowledge of the key symptoms of lung cancer.  Whilst 90% of people with lung cancer are symptomatic at diagnosis, these symptoms such as a persistent cough, a persistent chest infection, breathlessness and chest or shoulder pain are quite common so patients frequently self-medicate. Pharmacists are therefore in an ideal position to identify symptoms in at-risk individuals and advise them to visit their GP.

Our Quick Reference Guide on lung cancer gives you lots more information and the British Oncology Pharmacy Association has a useful e-learning course.  Patients can also get support from the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation who organise the month.
Alan German survived lung cancer as it was diagnosed early – watch his story here.