Martin Astbury FRPharmS elected RPS President

Mr Martin Astbury FRPharmS was elected President of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society today, (19 July 2016), by members of the RPS Assembly David Thomson FRPharmS was elected as Treasurer.  

Commenting on his election Martin Astbury said:

“There are profound technological, financial and legal changes on the horizon for pharmacists practising in all three nations of Great Britain. Over the coming years our three national RPS pharmacy boards will provide leadership in all these areas. I will champion the value of all pharmacists, supporting my colleagues across Great Britain, ensuring we provide a bright future for the profession.
“I recognise my responsibility in pulling the profession together to ensure our broad church feels part of a bigger picture. I have an important role to play facilitating work between the Boards, the Assembly, colleagues in the three countries and overseas ensuring we make the whole of the Society greater than the sum of our parts.
“I will work tirelessly to support the profession making sure our development programmes, such as the RPS Faculty and RPS Foundation, help our members achieve their professional ambitions and become the very best practitioners they can be.
“I would like to pay tribute to Ash Soni, RPS immediate past President, who has set a very high standard by engaging with members at all stages of their careers, from the British Pharmaceutical Students Association to the Fellowship of the Society. The future of the Society as the profession’s Royal College is a vision we both share, and I will play my part in full in making this a reality.”
Ash Soni OBE FFRPS FRPharmS, member of RPS English Board said:
“As I hand over to a new President, I do so with a sense of pride borne from the Society’s achievements over the last 2 years. With a new 5 year strategy published this year and a fabulous new home for the profession, we are at the beginning of a new chapter of the Society’s development. I would also like to thank the many pharmacists who have expressed their good wishes to me in recent weeks, I am humbled and touched by your kind words.”