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MHRA Update: Valproate Pregnancy Prevention Programme - an update for pharmacists

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has issued a letter for pharmacists as a reminder of the importance of the Valproate Pregnancy Prevention Programme, which was communicated in April 2018. This follows information from patient groups that the risks of taking valproate medicines during pregnancy are still not being made aware to women.

The letter additionally highlights the valproate resources available, including the statutory patient information leaflet, and the importance of making these available to patients. 

Details of the letter and actions for pharmacists are available on the Central Alerting System (CAS) website.


The RPS has also produced a quick reference guide on dispensing valproate for girls and women, which provides information on the Valproate Pregnancy Prevention Programme and a joint resource to support pharmacy teams in helping women and girls who have been prescribed valproate medicines.