MP vows to help pharmacy in Parliament after constituency visit

Peter Dowd is the MP for Bootle and one of the 2015 intake of Labour MPs. Previously he has worked in social care for over 25 years and has been very active in health issues in Parliament, such as chairing events for the All Party Health Group.

Accepting the RPS invitation of a pharmacy visit in his constituency, Mr Dowd was shown the fantastic services delivered to the community by Whitworth's Chemist on Moore Street. The RPS was represented by Ron Gould, a local city Alderman and pharmacist who has worked delivering mental health services in the city.

The pharmacy delivers many essential services to the local community such as a Minor Ailments scheme and emergency hormonal contraception.  Alongside these, there are also a range of public health services that range from weight management to needle exchanges to reduce harm in the community.

Mr Dowd ethusiastically supported the services the pharmacy provided, and was determined to ensure that high quality patient care wouldn't be affected by the community pharmacy reforms. He went on to say "I can't do prescriptions, but I can fight for pharmacy".