MSP Candidate Bob Doris signs RPS manifesto pledge at Sighthill pharmacy visit

Former MSP and candidate for Maryhill and Springburn, Bob Doris, has visited Sighthill Pharmacy to see some of the services that are making a positive difference to patient care in the local area.

Pharmacist Andrew McMurdo outlined how the new local asthma service is picking up people who have not attended the GP for their annual asthma review, which he can then support by addressing the outstanding pharmaceutical care issues. Poor inhaler technique was the most common issue along with overuse of reliever inhalers, both of which can lead to deteriorating asthma control and increased risk of an unplanned hospital admission.
One of his patients also stopped by to tell Bob how much she appreciated and needed the pharmacy where the staff have time to discuss her health concerns and address any medicines related issues, liaising with the local GP when necessary. This had been particularly useful on her recent discharge from hospital. This highlighted the requirement for community pharmacists to have access to health records to share information with GPs.
Mr Doris asked questions relating to the work of the whole pharmacy team and could see where there was more potential to apply everyone’s skill mix and use the accessibility of the community pharmacy to enhance access to the NHS for everyone as well as relive pressures on GP practices.
Mr Doris signed the manifesto pledge that everyone should have access to the expertise of a pharmacist and was pleased to see health literacy highlighted as something which should be promoted from an early age.