New Education Governance Oversight Board will lead Postgraduate training for pharmacy

New Education Governance Oversight Board will lead Postgraduate training for pharmacy

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) hosted the first meeting of a new Education Governance Oversight Board (EGOB) to lead postgraduate training for pharmacy across the UK, on September 27th 2018.

The group is representative of key stakeholders and includes employers, NHS education and training, universities, the General Pharmaceutical Council, the four Chief Pharmaceutical Officers, and the RPS. It is chaired by Professor Peter Kopelman. 

At its first meeting, the Board agreed the principles for its role in overseeing post-graduate education and training and creating a flexible, adaptable workforce who can easily move between care settings and provide increasingly complex care.     

Pharmacy Postgraduate Training Board

It was agreed that in time the Education Governance Oversight Board will formalise its status to become a Pharmacy Postgraduate Training Board (PPTB).

The PPTB will assure quality across training pathways through a range of assurance processes that will include a strong trainee voice.  

The PPTB will additionally assure that professionals are appropriately credentialed to ensure patient safety, and the maintenance of appropriate register of achievement.

Success for the Board will be characterised by a defined career framework with clear training pathways from pre-registration to foundation, and onwards to advanced practice and consultant pharmacists. The framework will support career progression for those who are already beyond the first few foundation years of practice, those seeking portfolio careers and for international graduates.


The four Chief Pharmaceutical Officers from England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland welcomed the initiative:

"We welcome the preparation work through the Education Governance Oversight Board to launch the UK Pharmacy Postgraduate Training Board. This is an important step in creating a robust education model for pharmacy practice that meets the future needs of the NHS, patients and the pharmacy professions."

Paul Bennett, Chief Executive of RPS said:

“The Royal Pharmaceutical Society views the Education Governance Oversight Board and its successor, the UK Pharmacy Postgraduate Training Board as key to securing and developing a future pharmacy workforce that is confident and competent to practise across a range of settings caring for patients with increasingly complex needs. The RPS is delighted to be hosting the Education Governance Oversight Board and enabling this vision to become a reality.”

Duncan Rudkin, Chief Executive and Registrar GPhC, said:

“I look forward to working with Professor Kopelman, the RPS and other colleagues on the new Board to help make sure that pharmacists have the postgraduate training they need to respond with confidence to their changing roles and the changing needs of people using health services.”


Professor Peter Kopelman chair of the RPS Faculty and Education Board, said:

“The agreement to establish a pharmacy postgraduate training board is a pivotal step in establishing a career framework for pharmacists to assure the highest standard of education and training for the future. This is important for the profession and crucial to the public who increasingly turn to pharmacists for health advice."


Members of the Education Governance Oversight Board



Peter Kopelman

Association Independent Multiple Pharmacies

David Evans

CCA – Company Chemist Association.

Marc Donavan

CPO England

Keith Ridge

CPO Northern Ireland

Mark Timoney

CPO Scotland

Rose-Marie Parr

CPO Wales

Andrew Evans

Foundation Student

Peter Morgan


Duncan Rudkin


Nigel Clarke

Lay Representative

To be appointed

Lay Representative

To be appointed

National Pharmacy Association

Ian Cubbin

NHS Commissioner/Dean Scotland

Anne Watson

NHS Commissioner/Dean Wales

Margaret Allen

NHS Commissioner/Dean NI

Colin Adair

NHS Commissioner/Dean England

Chris Cutts

NHS Employer England

Roger Fernandes

NHS Employer Scotland

David Pfledger

NHS Employer Wales

Darrell Baker

Pharmacy Schools Council

Don Cairns

Pharmacy Schools Council Chair

Nigel Ratcliffe

RCGP for GP employers

Lawrence Brad

RPS Chief Executive

Paul Bennett

RPS Education Director

Gail Fleming

In attendance AMRC

To be appointed