New Mentoring Service to support you

Today we’ve launched a new mentoring service exclusively for members.  The scheme connects newer and more experienced pharmacists to benefit each other and the profession.

The new mentoring platform unites pharmacists from all sectors and career stages to share experiences and build professionally supportive relationships.

Newer pharmacist? Find a mentor who can offer impartial help and guidance to accelerate your development, improve your career prospects and build self-confidence.

More experienced pharmacist? Use the platform as a way of sharing your knowledge and expertise to give back to the profession and give colleagues of the future a helping hand.

Any RPS member can join the platform as a mentor or mentee. The new mentoring platform then takes your details and begins to look for a match. When one is found, both mentor and mentee can review the suggestion.

 ​RPS Head of Professional Development Helen Chang says:

“The scheme will really help you with your career development. We know that mentoring builds confidence, interpersonal skills and can alleviate stress.

“Mentees gain valuable support with their professional development from experienced colleagues. Mentors gain personal satisfaction by contributing to someone's growth and it also facilitates reflective practice. It’s a win-win for both groups.”

Dr Ryan Hamilton, Specialist Antimicrobial Pharmacist, says:

"Having mentors and strong peer-support has played a significant role in my professional development; from being a new member of the BPSA Executive, through to undertaking a lab-based PhD, then moving back into clinical practice.

“I have signed up as a mentor through the RPS to support other pharmacists with their professional and career development, and help others develop practical aspects of practice that cannot be learned or developed through reading alone."

Take a look at the mentoring service.


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