New PHE campaigns: Stoptober and Stay Well this Winter


Stoptober - the 28-day national stop smoking challenge – is set to return for its fifth year. Stopping smoking for 28 days means people are five times more likely to quit for good. The campaign will launch on 20 September, to give people time to get ready for the challenge that starts on the first day of October.
This year, we don’t want people leaving it to chance. You, and your pharmacy team, are well placed to advise them on the range of proven support, and what will suit them best. With the additional support available through Stoptober, there’s no better time for smokers to quit. Stoptober is a great way to have conversations with customers and patients to encourage them to quit smoking. It provides you with an engaging way to discuss support options and tailor advice.
A new pharmacy toolkit for 2016 has been developed to help you remind smokers that you are there to help. 
Stay Well this Winter
Following the success of last year’s campaign, which drove an estimated 1.1 million extra visits to pharmacy, NHS England and Public Health England will again launch a joint national initiative in October to help at-risk groups prepare for the winter months. 
The campaign will encourage parents of 2-7 year olds, pregnant women, those with long-term health conditions, e.g. asthma or heart disease and people over 65s to get the free NHS flu vaccination, and take simple, easy-to-achieve action that may avoid admission to hospital e.g. speak to your pharmacist at the first signs of feeling unwell.
As you are aware, people still aren’t seeking advice for their symptoms early enough because they don’t want to bother anyone, or they feel that their symptoms aren’t serious enough. So, to help encourage people to ask for advice, a pharmacy toolkit is available to help you support people to stay well this winter. 

What you need to do
Nothing! NHS England and Public Health England are working with the Healthcare Distribution Association to distribute pharmacy toolkits to all small chains and independent pharmacies across England. You will start to receive these kits from 19th September. In line with previous years, pharmacy multiples will be providing toolkits to you from their central depots.