New phone number for RPS elections queries

Our Board elections opened on Monday. The external company who manage the elections on our behalf (Mi-Voice) supplied a phone number to call in case you needed support; that number was incorrect. It was also included in communications that you received yesterday from us. The external company (Mi-Voice) has taken full responsibility for this error and apologised to the RPS and asked that the apology be passed onto our members who may have been trying to get through to them. We take the accuracy of information we send to members extremely seriously and will be working closely with Mi-Voice as they investigate the cause of this.


Voting has not been affected. If you have voted you do not need to take any action. If you have received your voting details from Mi-Voice you do not need to take any action.  


If you are still to receive your voting details by email, please contact Mi-Voice using the following details:
• email [email protected] or 
• telephone 023 8076 3987