New RPS briefing on hospital pharmacy in England

RPS England’s new Hospital Pharmacy Briefing provides a summary of the major activities affecting pharmacists with key points to help clarify what it means for you as a pharmacist.

There are approximately 7,000 pharmacists in hospitals and 16,000 pharmacy staff whose practice is being transformed by the outcomes of the Carter Review on hospital efficiencies and other NHS initiatives.
RPS England’s new Hospital Pharmacy Briefing provides a summary of the major activities affecting pharmacists with key points to help clarify what’s going on and what it means for you.
Led by the RPS Hospital Expert Advisory Group, a panel of leading hospital practitioners, the briefing sets out how the focus uniting the changes is the value pharmacists bring when carrying out clinical functions as part of the multidisciplinary team in support of medicines optimisation and the care of patients. There is a drive towards reducing the amount of resource devoted to infrastructure services across the initiatives.
Chair of RPS England Sandra Gidley said:
“Hospital pharmacy is undergoing a seismic change and there are great opportunities opening up which are creating new roles and expectations of what pharmacists and pharmacy staff can deliver.
“I’d like to thank Rob Duncombe and the RPS Hospital Expert Advisory Group for their work on this briefing, which aims to clarify the system-wide review going on and show that by concentrating the effort where it’s needed, pharmacists can have a real impact.  
“It provides a useful overview of various initiatives including the Carter Review, Hospital Pharmacy Transformation Plans, Model Hospital and Five Year Forward View refresh. It highlights what they mean for pharmacists, what the RPS is doing about them and contains lots of useful links back to original documents and sources of further information.”
The recent RPS England briefing to STPs complements the Hospital Pharmacy Briefing by highlighting examples of care by pharmacists within hospitals to improve patient flow.
The RPS hospital pharmacy hub provides a suite of resources to help you in your practice.