New RPS Fellows Announced November 2017

November 2017 New RPS Fellows Announced

Being appointed a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society is one of the highest honours that can be bestowed upon Society Members. It recognises the distinction Members have attained in a particular aspect or aspects of their pharmacy career. As Fellowships are based on nominations from Members, it also signifies the esteem in which members are held by their peers, and as such is a mark of achievement which all Members should aspire to.

27 new Society Fellows were appointed in November 2017 and are listed below:

The Society currently has 714 Fellows from across the profession representing a variety sectors and career stages.

1    Bugewa Omawumi Apampa
2    Jane Elizabeth Brown
3    Jonathan Burton
4    Bronwyn Lemay Clark
5    Jeremy Guy Clarke
6    Richard John Dean
7    Timothy James David Donaldson
8    David Gerrett
9    Margaret Helen Gibbs
10    Emma Marjorie Graham-Clarke
11    Mohammed Ibrahim
12    Alwen Jones-Nicholson
13    Luvjit Kaur Kandula
14    Moira Kinnear
15    Robert Alan Lowe
16    Simon Paul Mackay
17    Fiona Jane McMillan
18    Asgher Mohammed
19    Karen Lesley O'Brien
20    Michael John Pettit
21    Margaret Gall Brownlee Ryan
22    Ellen Ingrid Schafheutle
23    Graham Leslie Stretch
24    Denise Ann Taylor
25    Trudy Thomas
26    Cheryl Margaret Way
27    James William Wood

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