New RPS Tutor Guidance

In our commitment to support, develop, recognise, lead and network, we have developed a new professional resource for Tutors to support them in their roles. This Guidance is designed to support Tutors in all settings across GB, as they support pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists to develop essential knowledge, skills, experience, behaviours and values required for practice and work.

It is designed to help those who are new Tutors or those planning to become a Tutor, who wish to obtain an overview of the role and identify/develop relevant knowledge, skills, experience and behaviours to perform your role effectively.

If you are an experienced Tutor, this Guidance can help answer specific questions, or be used to examine your strengths and development needs as a Tutor, or to acquire a new approach to tutoring and access the support you need from the RPS.

Visit the new Tutors webpages to access the guidance and further resources.