New wave of pharmacy visits begins - Rebecca Harris MP in Hadleigh, Essex

The Public affairs team began a new wave of pharmacy visits in June for both new MPs and friends of pharmacy returned to their seats.

Rebecca Harris (Conservative, Castle Point) was a member of the All Party Pharmacy Group in the previous parliament and involved in their work, and the public affairs team took the opportunity to show her some of the more advanced services available in pharmacy. RPS member Mr Asif Moledina of Asif's New Pharmacy in Hadleigh hosted the visit, and discussed the range of services to help people self-manage their long term conditions.

Ms Harris commented “I’m pleased these services are available from community pharmacy, Asif and his team are working hard to provide care to Hadleigh residents. Initiatives like this will help residents see their doctors more quickly, as a part of their overwhelming caseload is dealt with by other healthcare professions.” The RPS looks forward to building on the success of this visit as we promote pharmacy's potential in the new Parliament.