Our initial response to the Commission on pharmacy professional leadership

RPS recognises the challenges for professional leadership that lie ahead and we are pleased to read that the Co- chairs share our ambition for a more inclusive, supportive and collaborative approach.  

The report makes a number of very significant recommendations to the four Chief Pharmaceutical Officers and their response to the report, as well as the report itself, will require careful and detailed scrutiny. 

There is much for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, RPS and pharmacy professional bodies to consider in this report.   

Our priority now is to listen to our members and to pharmacy organisations and to understand everyone’s views on the findings and recommendations.   

We set out our vision for professional leadership within a submission to the commission in 2022. We remain committed to this vision for the profession and will now consider the Commission's report alongside it and with your feedback. 

There will be an additional Assembly meeting on the 20th February where we will present your collated feedback as we consider our response and next steps.  

We recognise our role in pharmacy professional leadership needs to be different and more inclusive.   

There is a need to create an agenda for reform with substantial changes that will stand the test of time. This will require RPS, and others, to spend time considering the most effective way of implementing transformational change.   

Our commitment is to work collaboratively with our members, the wider pharmacy community and the Chief Pharmaceutical Officers to deliver the professional leadership our great profession deserves.  

If you have any views you would like to share, please contact our support team on 0207 572 2737 or email [email protected]  

Report of the UK Commission on pharmacy professional leadership