Packing down paracetamol

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These are unprecedented times. Because of coronavirus, demand for paracetamol is very high but P and GSL packs of paracetamol are hard to get hold of.

You’ve asked us if it’s OK to break down bigger packs of paracetamol. Despite this not usually being allowed, the answer in this unique situation is yes and we’ve produced some guidance for you to ensure it’s done safely.

RPS President Sandra Gidley said “In these extraordinary times, you will find yourself in situations where the usual routine doesn’t work and you need to do things differently. We are totally supportive of you using your professional judgement to help people.”

We’ve raised this for you with the General Pharmaceutical Council and they agree packing down can take place.

Claire Bryce Smith, Director of Insight, Intelligence & Inspection, General Pharmaceutical Council told us:

“Pharmacies may break down larger packs of paracetamol to prepare smaller packs for people, and the public, who need them. The pharmacist and the pharmacy team at the pharmacy’s medicine counter should supply the paracetamol to the member of the public directly, with appropriate labelling and safety information supplied in a clear and understandable way.”

On 20th March, RPS President Sandra Gidley spoke on BBC Radio 4's You and Yours programme about the supply of paracetamol: 


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