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Paracetamol for fever prophylaxis post MenB vaccination

07 Oct 2015

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has recommended the use of prophylactic paracetamol at the time or shortly after MenB vaccination, with a further two doses every four to six hours thereafter.

In light of this, Public Health England, the Scottish Government and the Welsh Government have issued letters providing advice for pharmacists on the appropriate use of paracetamol to prevent and treat fever associated with the Men B vaccination.

It is important that pharmacists responding to requests for advice on the dosing of paracetamol from parents and carers of infants who will be receiving the MenB vaccine provide appropriate and clear advice, in accordance with that from Public Health England, the Scottish Government and the Welsh Government, which support the recommendations of the JCVI and Commission on Human Medicines (CHM).

Further information on the MenB vaccine and paracetamol is available on the Public Health England website, the Scottish Government and the Welsh Government website