Pharmacists’ role in diabetes highlighted to Scottish Health & Sport Committee

RPS Scotland member, Alison Cockburn, who specialises in in cardiovascular risk reduction in diabetes, gave evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Health & Sport Committee on Tuesday 19 December.

To address the growing societal problem of type 2 diabetes a move to community based services and interventions was recommended by members of the panel giving evidence to the committee. Alison highlighted the key role community pharmacists could play in identifying people in the pre-diabetes stage, advising on lifestyle changes to prevent development of type 2 diabetes or to prevent complications from diabetes. She also outlined their role in screening at-risk groups and advising on medications. However, she also stressed that a key constraint remained in community pharmacy due to the current lack of access to patient records.

Referencing the specific role in continuity of care that integrated care pharmacists play during the transfer of care, she outlined where there were gaps in the patient journey. These could be addressed by enabling the resource and expertise we already have in the pharmacists in our communities.

For more info see also the RPS in Scotland response, to which we had expert input into from the Diabetes Special Interest Group and the Specialist Pharmacists in Public Health, and our response to the Prevention Agenda Inquiry.

A transcript of the full meeting is now available. The video from the proceedings can also be accessed via the Scottish Parliament’s website.