Pharmacists’ role in substance misuse outlined to Scottish Parliament Health & Sport Committee

Our member, Dr Carole Hunter, Lead Pharmacist, Addiction Services at NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, gave evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Health & Sport Committee on Tuesday 30 January.

The committee heard evidence from the panel on the effectiveness of the Scottish Government’s strategy ‘Road to Recovery’ from 2008, which is currently being refreshed. The committee also heard witnesses’ views on which areas the new strategy needs to focus on in order to maximise impact.

Carole focused on the current and future potential roles of pharmacists. Specifically, she highlighted the role of community pharmacists as the healthcare professionals with the most contact with this group and outlined how services could be improved by integrating pharmacists formally into treatment and recovery services.

In order to improve safety, minimise risk of overdose and enable better working between health professionals in different settings, e.g. from prisons to community on release, she advocated that information systems need to support the electronic sharing of information to enable thorough through care.

A transcript of the full meeting will be available in due course. The video from the proceedings can also be accessed via the Scottish Parliament’s website.

For more information, see also the RPS in Scotland response to the Health and Sport Committee’s Preventative Agenda inquiry into substance misuse.