Pharmacists share opioid dependency pledges

RPS in Scotland will be sharing pharmacists’ pledges from the workshops on opioid dependency on social media over the next week. The pledges show how pharmacists are changing their approach to patients with opioid dependency after attending the workshops, which are being repeated in  AberdeenDunfermline and Elgin.

Opioid dependency has become a hot topic after a study from Aberdeen University revealed that 80% of Scottish pharmacists believed OTC products were being misused in their pharmacy. In response to this growing concern, RPS in Scotland designed a series of workshops to better support pharmacists in dealing with opioid dependency.

The workshops help attendees to identify, manage and reduce OTC and prescribed opioid dependency. They also give advice on how to engage in conversations with customers suspected of opioid dependency. Participants take away practical tools that they can share with other pharmacy staff.

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You can find out more about our opioid dependency workshops here.

You can hear an interview with Dr Catriona Matheson, Independent Addiction and Health Service Research Consultant, who conducted the study on pharmacists’ perceptions on OTC drugs misuse that inspired these workshops below: