Pharmacists speak up for patient safety

Commenting on the first ever World Patient Safety Day, from the World Health Organisation, RPS President Sandra Gidley said:

“This campaign aims to create awareness of patient safety and urges people to show their commitment to making healthcare safer.

“At this year’s RPS Annual Conference we are focusing on medicines safety, one of the most challenging and dominant issues facing healthcare systems on a global scale. It’s a perfect fit with the RPS’ wider vision to be the world leader in the safe and effective use of medicines.

“We all have a role to play in reducing the harm of medicines for our patients. Our conference will explore what impact has been made so far, and what we can learn from across the world.

“It will also look at what opportunities and challenges there are for pharmacists to lead, innovate and educate on patient safety.

“Pharmacists are well placed to help make the NHS the safest health service in the world for patients. RPS is committed to supporting pharmacists in their work so that the public can be confident that the medicines they take are safe and effective.”

RPS Annual Conference 2019 takes place on Sunday 17 November and is open to all.  World Patient Safety Day 


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