Planning our pharmacy inclusion and diversity strategy with you

We’re a diverse profession, but we want to be a more inclusive one. That’s why we are working with you to create a sense of belonging, and inspire change across the pharmacy profession.

The latest stage of our inclusion and diversity (I&D) work saw pharmacists and others with an interest and expertise in I&D come together to workshop ways to create meaningful change across the profession.

The image on the right captures some of the discussions and outcomes from the day - double click on it to see the detail.

Your views and opinions on what matters most about inclusion and diversity were captured in the survey we ran in September and formed the basis of the day’s discussions. Disability is the area where most respondents thought more could be done to support I&D in the services the pharmacy profession provides.  See this and other survey results in more detail.

We’ve also created a timeline so you can share in our journey and activities. In March 2020 we’ll proudly launch our first inclusion and diversity strategy, which will draw together key areas where we can lead the way in creating a sense of belonging for pharmacists and our community.

Your views are essential in helping us understand the themes and priorities to build the strategy. You can hear more about our I&D work at our national conference on 17th November and you can always contact [email protected] about any aspect of this work.


Renew for 2022

Your dedication to patient care has made us proud during 2021.

That's why you can count on us to represent your interests and support your efforts every step of the way in 2022.