President writes to The Times about e-cigarettes

RPS President Professor Claire AndersonRPS President Professor Claire Anderson has written in The Times (1 April) in response to an article published last week which said experts have warned that the government’s plans to clamp down on children’s access to vapes risks undermining progress towards smoking reduction targets.

Her letter submitted to The Times outlines that sweet, disposable vapes should be restricted in the same way as tobacco products to reduce the appeal to young people who didn’t smoke previously. It also outlined that vapes can encourage smokers to stop using tobacco products and advice on this can be provided by local pharmacists

“The Royal Pharmaceutical Society agrees that the advertising and marketing for sweet, disposable, flavoured e-cigarettes should be restricted in the same way as tobacco products (Fruity vapes that lure in children could be banned, Thurs 30 March) to reduce the appeal to young people who have never smoked to start using e-cigarettes.

“Better enforcement of the age of sale regulations for e-cigarettes is also needed to prevent illegal use by those under 18 years old to prevent them from becoming addicted to nicotine at an early age.

“E-cigarettes are one of several harm reduction options for short-term use to encourage smokers to stop using tobacco products. They should be accessible to adults who smoke and wish to stop, but it’s important that people are advised of all the smoking cessation options available to them for the greatest chance of success.

“Local pharmacists regularly advise the public about how to stop smoking. The ultimate aim should be to support people to stop using e-cigarettes and to be free of nicotine addiction altogether.”

Professor Claire Anderson

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