Principles for future of primary care in Scotland set out by professions

A collaborative consisting of RPS in Scotland and six other representative bodies involved in delivering primary care in Scotland, has launched its views on the future and principles of primary care in Scotland.


Alex MacKinnon, said: "On behalf of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in Scotland, it was really pleasing to have participated in this worthy initiative led by the RCN in Scotland. It was great to see the way the various primary care health organisations came together to discuss and indeed agree a common understanding of ‘primary care’ and the development of a set of principles that everyone could commit and sign up to. Our primary care health professions are sending a strong joint message committing to working better together to improve the care of patients and the public in Scotland. From the pharmacy perspective, RPS in Scotland will continue to work with our colleagues from the other organisations to ensure that pharmacists’ contribution is maximised and recognised for the benefit of our patients and our colleagues across primary care services." 


A view from the professions

Health professionals working in primary care services are at the heart of efforts to improve services for people in communities across Scotland. At a time when Scotland is facing radical health and care reforms across sectors, we have come together as professional leaders to put forward a united, multi-disciplinary vision for the future of primary care in Scotland.  We want our statement to be a positive contribution to shaping the changes in primary care that communities in Scotland need. 


The future of primary care in Scotland: a view from the professions sets out our shared understanding of the role of primary care and an agreed set of principles that we believe should underpin the future of services, wherever they are delivered and whoever they are delivered by. It represents our collective commitment to provide professional leadership in developing and implementing new ways of working.  It builds on the skills and expertise of us all.
Central to our vision are people, not structures. Strong relationships are, and always should be, at the very heart of primary care. They will certainly be key to designing and implementing successful change. The signatories to document represent over 60,000 AHPs, GPs, nurses, optometrists, dispensing opticians and pharmacists working in communities right across Scotland. Each of our organisations is committed to bringing this considerable asset to the table and working through genuine and open engagement with the Scottish Government, with politicians, with colleagues across health and social care and with the public to shape a new future for quality primary care in Scotland.
Dawn Mitchell           
Harry McQuillan                              
Community Pharmacy Scotland       
Debbie McGill                      
Optometry Scotland
Clare Cable              
Miles Mack                             
RCGP Scotland      
Theresa Fyffe          
RCN Scotland         
Alex MacKinnon
RPS Scotland