Professor Ashok Soni OBE FRPharmS elected President of RPS

Professor Ash Soni has been elected President of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

Professor Ash Soni was elected President of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society today by members of the RPS Assembly.  David Thomson FRPharmS remains Treasurer.  

Ash Soni said:

“I am delighted and humbled to have been elected as RPS President by my peers on the RPS Assembly.

“I am dedicated to providing leadership and support to whole of the RPS team as well as the wider profession.  I would like to pay tribute to Martin in his role as President of RPS over the last year. I know exactly how much energy and judgement the role of RPS President requires, and I am grateful for the work and long hours Martin has given to RPS in the last 12 months.

“I look forward to working with Paul, our new CEO, his executive team and all three country boards in delivering a bright future for RPS and pharmacy.

“I believe that the RPS is the guardian of the professional leadership for pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists.

“As President, I will ensure I take every opportunity to promote our great profession to help people to understand why we are such an important part of integrating care. At the same time, I will promote the great value this organisation offers to all pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists.

“I will support the Boards as they deliver their plans to increase the involvement of pharmacists within multidisciplinary team. We are seeing growth in the roles that pharmacists are playing but we must continue to drive for this to be in an integrated way recognising that all pharmacists in all settings are scientific clinicians. 

“As a community pharmacist, I absolutely believe that every pharmacy must have a pharmacist present, but I would go much further than this. I believe wherever there are medicines, the profession should have a presence. In community pharmacies, hospitals, GP surgeries, universities and the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacists have a current and growing range of opportunities to have a positive impact on healthcare.

“As new roles continue to evolve we must not lose sight of enhancing the traditional roles in community and hospital pharmacy. In Scotland and Wales there is much greater recognition and a growing and developing role across the multiplicity of settings. We need to use these examples to develop practice to improve the confidence and skills of all our members so that all feel that opportunity beckons. 

“Internationally, we are hosting FIP in Glasgow in 2018 which will further strengthen our credentials globally, alongside the great global presence we have through publishing. I feel there is great opportunity to develop our professional development programme.

“I will work closely with the Board Chairs to ensure they can deliver on their ambitions for pharmacists in individual countries and also collectively where there is a common goal for the profession. For example, making sure we see through our campaign to remove the automatic criminalisation of those that commit dispensing errors.

“Those that know me well know I am passionate to ensure we are all able to practice to the best of our capability and skill. I promise to bring that passion to the Presidency.”