Professor Ian Bates receives the RPS Charter Award

RPS charter award

Professor Ian Bates, Professor of Pharmacy Education at UCL and Professor of Integrated Care Education, Whittington Health NHS Trust, a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, has been given the Charter Award by the Society, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the profession.
The Charter Award is made annually by the Society on the recommendation of its President.
Presenting the award, Paul Bennett, RPS Chief Executive highlighted Professor Bates “immense contribution to the profession over a number of years, particularly in Pharmacy Education and workforce development at a national and international level.
Ian’s early innovative work with founding and developing the original Joint Programmes Board over a decade ago has completely transformed the way in which post-registration pharmacists working in the NHS have been educated. This collaboration between schools of pharmacy and the NHS employers, developing the model of workplace foundation education, has ensured that the training of pharmacists meets the modern requirements of the NHS to be “fit for practice”, in any environment, in order to provide consistently high quality patient care and medicines expertise.”

Professor Ian Bates has long worked with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society as an expert advisor on education. This has included shaping the development of the RPS Faculty and Foundation, the first evidence-led professional recognition system in GB, which has drawn on his work with the Competency Development Group and the Joint Program Boards, which provided the evidence for the effectiveness of competency development frameworks; these have been subsequently used worldwide for structured and supported professional development.

He was also influential in the setting up of, and is now acting as a director of, the joint RPS-FIP Global Pharmacy Workforce Observatory with an international impact on workforce development and data collection. Professor Bates has been instrumental in gaining international membership agreements in Iceland, Namibia and Japan.
Ian has lead the way, both as an advocate and as a leader on projects to develop the guidance, tools and resources for educational development, which over the last 10 years led the production of “Transforming Our Workforce” in 2016, published by the International Pharmacy Federation (FIP) representing over 4 million pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists from more than 130 nations.  It describes country-level use of evidence-based tools and mechanisms whereby leadership bodies and policymakers can gain traction for advancing the pharmacy workforce. It is the first publication of its kind to provide a global baseline on the growing imperative to formally recognise the advancement of practice, which includes elements of specialisation, professional credentialing, quality assurance and governance.  Subsequent to this, he has led the production and launch of the first worldwide systematic framework of Workforce Development Goals, under the auspices of FIP, and presented to the World Health Assembly in May 2017.