Read key points from our response to the community pharmacy reforms consultation

We’ve responded to the Department of Health’s consultation on ‘Community Pharmacy in 2016/17 and Beyond’. In the response, we have expressed concerns about the impact the cut in funding will have on patient care, and made the case for investment in the profession which would improve the public’s health and wellbeing.

On 12 February, the English Pharmacy Board submitted a 10 point response to the consultation on community pharmacy reforms. Key points from our submission include:

  • Concerns about the potential impact of the cuts to contract funding on patient care. The RPS is calling for assurance from the Government that the public’s health will not be affected by these changes.
  • The RPS has put a strong case for the development of pharmacy to deliver a greater range of clinical services in new roles that will fulfil the Government’s ambition to put pharmacists at the heart of the NHS.
  • A call for recognition that community pharmacy provides the public with the most accessible NHS service in the country, providing medicines, uniquely specialist medicines advice and cost-effective clinical interventions every day of the week and has a key role to play in improving the public’s health.
  • A need for reassurance that the overarching objective of these reforms centres on improving patient access to care, advice and medicines from pharmacists.
  • A call for all medicine supply models to meet patients’ needs, ensure medicine and medicine advice safety and involve pharmacists wherever patients are in contact with medicines.
  • A call for clarity on whether there will be further cuts to the global sum in future years, or any fundamental changes to the contract itself. The RPS has expressed serious concerns that further cuts could destabilise the sector and lead to uncertainty and a lack of investment for the future.

Hear from English Pharmacy Board Chair, Sandra Gidley, discussing the community pharmacy reforms, our response and next steps in this short video:

You can read our full response to the consultation, and learn more about the funding changes and our work, on our dedicated section about the community pharmacy reforms.
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