Redeveloped digital BNF and BNFC are now live

The new-look BNF and BNFC on MedicinesComplete have been redesigned to provide easier access to up-to-date drug information, through a clearer layout, enriched format and performance improvements. 

Some of the improvements you’ll experience are:

  • A drug-centric and treatment-centric structure, delivering swifter searching, and a better guarantee that you find all the information you need, from one drug result
  • A brand new left-hand floating navigation panel helps you jump to any section you want on a monograph
  • Digital object identifiers (DOIs) make it easier to reference any monograph and ensure you’ll never have a broken link to the content
  • A refreshed font and page layout makes the text clearer and easier to read

Work has also taken place behind the scenes to the structure of the data, which means that we’ll be able to deliver new functions and features in future, further improving your user experience.

UK-based individuals undertaking work, or training, for the NHS, or non-commercial users, are entitled to access the BNF and BNFC free of charge through MedicinesComplete.
Individuals and organisations can also subscribe to online access to the BNF and BNFC, as well as 23 other leading drug and healthcare references.

Find out more about the changes to BNF, both online and in print, in the BNF Publications FAQs document