Registration assessment withdrawn for overseas students

Commenting on the General Pharmaceutical Council's decision to withdraw from offering the registration assessment to some students outside of the UK for the Spring 2021 sitting, either in a test centre or remotely, RPS Director of Education and Professional Development Gail Fleming said:

It's very concerning that some overseas students have now been informed that they are unable to take the registration assessment unless they can travel to an assessment centre within the UK.

"Other professions have been able to manage this risk and run international examinations and we are disappointed that the GPhC is unable to make similar provisions.

"The short notice period means that it will be practically impossible for trainees to undertake the assessment even if they wanted to due to travel restrictions, limited flight availability and potential visa limitations. We are aware that trainees in Hong Kong, who have undertaken a UK pharmacy degree, require full UK registration to be able to practise in their home country and this new announcement will therefore impact them significantly.

“We urge the GPhC to resolve this difficult position for many trainee pharmacists and protect our future generation of pharmacists.”


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