Results of English & Scottish Pharmacy Board elections announced

Find out who your board members are for 2017.

We're pleased to announce the results of the 2017 National Pharmacy Board elections. 

Five candidates were elected to the English Pharmacy Board, they are:

  • Martin Astbury
  • Nadia Bukhari
  • Sandra Gidley
  • Mahendra Gulabbhai Patel
  • Ashok Soni

There were four candidates elected to the Scottish Pharmacy Board:

  • Jonathan Burton
  • Alasdair Angus Macintyre
  • Ailsa Power
  • Deborah Alice Stafford

There were also four candidates who were elected unopposed to the Welsh Pharmacy Board, which were previously announced on our elections page.

The newly elected board members will take office on 13 June in Scotland, and 21 June in England. Newly appointed Assembly members will also be chosen and they will take office on 18 July.

For more information about the elections, including our election results report, please visit our National Pharmacy Board elections page.