Press Release

Royal Pharmaceutical Society supports licensing of e-cigarettes

24 Jun 2016

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) strongly supports the MHRA’s decision to licence all nicotine-containing products, including e-cigarettes, as medicines to help people cut down or stop smoking.

RPS spokesperson Neal Patel said: “This decision will put an end to the dodgy pop-up shops selling e-cigarettes made who knows where to unknown standards which could cause real health problems. 

“It will also stop the sharp marketing practices which have grown up around e-cigarettes which mimicked the bad old days of glamorising smoking. Once licensed, e-cigarettes can only be advertised for cutting down or quitting smoking rather than as a ‘lifestyle choice’. 

“After the regulation comes into force in 2016, pharmacists choosing to provide e-cigarettes can do so confident they will be safe and meet the necessary quality standards. Pharmacists have already helped tens of thousands of people to quit smoking and stop smoking services are the most commonly provided NHS pharmacy service in Britain.”

Neal Patel has been speaking further with  BBC Radio 5Live

He's also been speaking with BBC News 24 about the MHRA's decision