RPS and BMA agree joint statement on pharmacotherapy service in Scotland

RPS has worked with the BMA’s Scottish GP Committee to agree a joint statement on the pharmacotherapy service. Whilst much progress has been made, with significant investment in general practice pharmacy teams, significant challenges remain, and further investment is required in workforce, skill mix and infrastructure to realise the full benefits of the service.

RPS and the BMA believe that these challenges are undermining the professional role of some pharmacists and have prevented workload reduction for GPs. We are jointly calling for these issues to be addressed urgently to ensure that roles are, and remain attractive, to recruit and retain pharmacists, to provide positive patient care, to free up GPs to spend more time with patients, and build a sustainable pharmacotherapy service.

Clare Morrison, RPS Director For Scotland, said: “We believe it is essential that use of pharmacists’ clinical skills is maximised in general practices. Pharmacists should be delivering clinical medication reviews, supporting safer use of high risk medicines and improving pharmaceutical care. And they should be doing this in patient-facing clinical roles, using independent prescribing. But this is only achievable if the right infrastructure is in place: that means improving skill mix and the digital systems that underpin the pharmacotherapy service.”

Read the statement.


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