RPS and BMA call for improvements to the pharmacotherapy service

RPS Scotland the BMA’s Scottish GP Committee have today (Friday 13 January 2022) released a joint statement calling for improvements to the pharmacotherapy service.

The statement recognises that much progress has been made but states that further improvements are needed to fully maximise the benefits of the service. In particular, it highlights the need for:

  • Better use of skill mix, including more clearly defining roles and responsibilities
  • Improved IT enablers to reduce administrative burden
  • Further developing a tandem model of working comprising hubs with in-practice activity

The two organisations state that inadequate funding and workforce shortages are a real threat to the pharmacotherapy service.  We urge Scottish Government to reconsider its recent decision to reduce funding for training pharmacy technicians.

Speaking about publication of the statement, Clare Morrison, RPS Director for Scotland, said:

“In the statement, we stress that the use of pharmacists’ clinical skills must be maximised.

Pharmacists should be focused on patient-facing clinical roles. We want to see pharmacists using their pharmaceutical expertise and independent prescribing skills to deliver clinical medication review, support safer use of high-risk medicines and improve complex pharmaceutical care.

“Right now, we continue to see the professional role of some pharmacists being undermined through having to provide services that would be more appropriately provided by pharmacy technicians or pharmacy support workers. This must be addressed urgently through proper skill mix, improved processes and better IT.”

Today’s statement can be read here. It is an update to the previous joint statement produced in 2021.


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