Press Release

RPS announces Affiliated Partners National Training Programmes

04 Nov 2016

Today the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Affiliated Partners are announcing their plans to design and deliver National Training Programmes in 2017 to all sectors of the pharmacy profession. 

The RPS Affiliated Partners National Training Programmes will provide pharmacists with structured, accredited, expert training which is clinically oriented to a topic, subject or speciality focus.  Pharmacists will be able to pick training in a variety of topics to broaden their knowledge, or focus on a particular area so they are equipped to provide excellent clinical care to patients and the public, regardless of where they are situated. These programmes are being developed to support all pharmacists, addressing pharmacy clinical training needs through to advanced levels of career development up to Consultant level.
The training programmes will consist of components that can be chosen to suit an individual’s scope or level of practice.  Face-to-face training days will be supported by self-directed learning and support resources both before and after the event.  A practice experience element will also be added once the programmes are established, where employers will provide accredited training placements. Training aligns to the RPS Roadmap to Advanced Practice and can contribute towards CPD. Certificates will be earned by practitioners who have completed assessments linked to each component of the programme.
Ann Page, Chair of the UK Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA), one of the RPS Affiliated Partners, says: “National training programmes will replace the current ad hoc informal and opportunistic approach to training and career progression and replace this with a structured, integrated, accredited and, quality assured training provision infrastructure to meet the needs of post-foundation pharmacy practitioners.”
Geoff Saunders, former Chair of the British Oncology Pharmacy Association, an RPS Affiliated Partner, says: “The clinical training programmes will be relevant and appropriate for all sectors. The bulk of the profession are working within the scope of advanced generalism and a broad scope of knowledge is essential in order to deliver community and primary care services. Additionally, practitioners working in the hospital sector must maintain their broad knowledge as well as their specialist knowledge in order to deliver seven-day services.” 
Liz Butterfield, Chair of the Primary Care Pharmacy Association, an RPS Affiliated Partner which represents pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working in GP practices, care homes and in the community says : 'National Training Programmes will provide much needed accredited packages of training that can support advancement to Consultant level in all sectors of Pharmacists' practice. As care shifts to the community setting the NHS and Social Care need credentialed advanced pharmacist practitioners who can be commissioned to effectively manage medicines with patients to optimise outcomes and value. The PCPA are delighted to be involved.'
The RPS Affiliated Partners are:
British Oncology Pharmacy Association
British Pharmaceutical Nutrition Group
College of Mental Health Pharmacy
HIV Pharmacy Association
Neonatal and Paediatric Pharmacy Group
NHS Pharmaceutical Production Committee
NHS Pharmaceutical Aseptic Services Group
Palliative Care Pharmacist Network
Primary and Community Care Pharmacy Network
Primary Care Pharmacy Association
Technical Specialist Education and Training
UK Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA)
UK Renal Pharmacy Group
UK Ophthalmic Pharmacy Group
UK Medicines Information
UK Radiopharmacy Group