RPS Assembly update March 2024

Professor Claire AndersonThe RPS Assembly is the key decision-making body of RPS which is responsible for setting strategic direction, financial management and organisational governance. 

Commenting on the following discussion points at the Assembly’s March meeting, RPS President Professor Claire Anderson said:

Constitution and governance review

“Work is progressing on the constitutional and governance review conducted by Firetail, the organisation we appointed to carry out an independent examination of our structures, systems and processes that support organisational decision-making, accountability and strategic direction. We aim to enhance transparency within RPS and increase our agility, enabling us to effectively lead the profession and adapt to external initiatives to best serve our members.

“We will be able to discuss this issue more fully at our next meeting in July. We are committed to engaging extensively with our members, providing ample opportunities for participation so they can help shape our future and strengthen our professional leadership function."

Luther Pendragon communications review

“In May 2022 RPS appointed communications consultancy Luther Pendragon to carry out an independent review of the extent to which RPS members, elected members and stakeholders feel engaged, informed and empowered to influence decisions about RPS policy and the extent to which they understand why decisions around organisational policy have been taken on their behalf by elected members.

“We continue to implement the review’s recommendations and have now appointed a Head of Strategic Communications to enable a more systematic and consistent approach to delivering our ambitions. We are committed to applying the strategic principles from the review across a series of protocols for communications and engagement to improve and create a continuous circle of engagement, decision-making and feedback."

UK Pharmacy Professional Leadership Advisory Board

“We are pleased that appointments to the UK Pharmacy Professional Leadership Advisory Board have been made and are delighted to have met with the Board's Independent Chair, Sir Hugh Taylor on a number of occasions. Once the appointments have cleared all the necessary Government processes we look forward to contributing to the Board's plans and working alongside other pharmacy professionals to enhance the quality and impact of pharmacy across the UK at a time of significant change in the profession."

National Honours

“Pharmacy is the third largest healthcare profession yet there is currently a lack of representation of the profession in the civil honours awarded every year.

“We want to change this and make it easier to navigate the process to recognise the significant achievements of individual pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists and members of the wider pharmacy family who make huge contributions to patient care, pharmacy and the healthcare system.

“We have already set up a Civil Honours section on our website to walk people through the nomination process and we will also look at how we can better support and improve these processes.

“I urge everyone to consider putting forward colleagues as there are so many unsung heroes in our brilliant profession.”

The next meeting of the RPS Assembly will be Wednesday 17 July 2024.

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