RPS Assembly update November 2023

RPS President Professor Claire Anderson

The RPS Assembly is the key decision-making body of RPS which is responsible for setting strategic direction, financial management and organisational governance. 

Commenting on the following decisions made by the Assembly at its November meeting, RPS President Professor Claire Anderson said:

Equality, Inclusion and Diversity at RPS

"Our strategy and action plan to drive equality, diversity and inclusion within RPS over the next two years lays the foundations for measuring our progress and actions. We are on a journey to improvement and this new framework will support and structure our future activities.”

PJ user experience

“We have listened to members who have asked for additional ways to navigate PJ content. We are now trialling a new PJ app, which got much positive feedback from members at our annual conference. If you’d like to be part of the user testing group for the app, get in touch with [email protected]." 

Future Professional Leadership

“There is much to work on including future scope of practice, changes to education and training, how we embed professional standards and the changing role of pharmacy technicians. We hope appointments to the UK Pharmacy Professional Leadership Advisory Board are made swiftly so meetings can begin as soon as possible. We look forward to contributing to the Board's plans and working alongside other pharmacy professionals to enhance the quality and impact of pharmacy across the UK."

Constitution & Governance Review

“I’d like to thank everyone who responded to our survey about our corporate and governance structures. We have now heard from Firetail, the organisation commissioned by us to independently look at our constitution and governance and Assembly are currently considering their progress update further. We will involve and consult widely with members and there will be plenty of opportunities next year to take part. We want to create a more transparent organisation and become more agile so we can better lead the profession and respond to external initiatives to best serve our members.”

The RPS Faculty Scheme

“When we opened our RPS Faculty it was a huge innovation in professional development. Over the years many colleagues took on the challenge of submitting their portfolio to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and experience to become Faculty members.

“We have reviewed the scheme and explored how RPS supports pharmacists with professional development and advanced practice. Our credentialling programmes now define and assure post-registration standards of patient-focused pharmacy practice based on agreed curricula.

“In light of this, we have agreed to look again at the RPS Faculty Scheme for new entrants and undertake some further work exploring what a recognition scheme for professional advancement might look like. Faculty post-nominals remain valid and any review will of course take into account the valued work of colleagues who have taken part in the scheme and those involved in running it.” If you’d like to find out more, contact [email protected].

Date of next meeting: 27 March 2024

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