RPS calls for mandatory reporting of workforce disability data

We’re calling for mandatory reporting of workforce disability data to create more inclusive practices in the workplace.

We believe the reporting of such data is key to tackling the disability employment gap and will also show the levels of recruitment and retention of staff, highlighting whether or not people with a disability are being recruited and feel like they can apply for roles.

It is also important that employers have the information required to create inclusive workplaces, and that those with disabilities feel included, welcome and safe.

Aman Doll, RPS Head of Professional Belonging, said: “Embedding disability workforce reporting is an indication to people that their workplace is supportive and wants to take steps in becoming more inclusive.

“Through our disability awareness campaign we’ve spoken to many pharmacy professionals who have had a number of years of lived experience in different healthcare sectors. They say that there is still a need for adequate support and provision from employers.

“A mandatory approach will encourage all organisations to have a strategy to collect disability data, especially those that don’t proactively engage with inclusion and diversity.”

See our response to the consultation here.

Read our disability page and resources.


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