RPS calls for reassurance on the Pharmacy Integration Fund

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health and Primary Care Steve Brine MP has written to the All-Party Pharmacy Group, following a number of questions from MPs and Peers about spending to date from the Pharmacy Integration Fund.

Sandra Gidley, Chair of the English Pharmacy Board, said:

“This news is deeply disappointing and it is of great concern that no one appears to know how public money is being spent - or not spent.

"I believe Steve Brine when he says he wants to reset the relationship with community pharmacy and if he is serious about this he must demand specific answers to the questions he was asked.

“We already know what, in principle, the integration fund has been spent on but we do not know the precise amounts. The politicians at the All-Party Pharmacy Group wanted to know how much of the integration fund has been spent and that information simply has not been provided.

"I would urge the Minister not to accept excuses from his officials and hope that he presses to obtain the information we all very much to see. We have already seen an erosion of the fund and recent events raise questions about how secure funding is for next year. The profession needs urgent reassurance on this.”