RPS Chief Scientist speaks to BBC News at Ten

18 Jan 2016

Following the news that one man had died and five others were being treated in hospital in France following a phase 1 drug trial, RPS Chief Scientist Professor Jayne Lawrence appeared on BBC News at Ten. Her comments were also picked up by 51 radio stations across the UK, as well as appearing online in over 60 international and 25 UK outlets, and in the Financial Times and Daily Express, 

Prof Jayne Lawrence, Chief Scientist, Royal Pharmaceutical Society, said: “This type of incident is tragic but very rare in the world of clinical trials. There are very strict regulatory standards across the EU for performing clinical trials and phase 1 trials, where a drug molecule is tested for the first time in humans, are subject to particular scrutiny to minimise any risk to human health. Those in charge of the trial would have had to have shown they had done everything they could to protect patient safety before the trial was allowed to go ahead. There are many commercial companies who run phase 1 trials on a regular basis to establish the effects of a new molecule in humans. All medicines have side-effects, but these are generally mild and severe reactions are incredibly rare.”

Watch Jayne Lawrence on BBC News