RPS consults on current policy on homeopathic products

28 Sep 2015

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society believes that there is no evidence from randomised controlled trials for the efficacy of homeopathic products beyond a placebo effect, and no scientific basis for homeopathy. 

The RPS currently recommends that any pharmacists selling homeopathic products ensure they are competent to do so, including being able to discuss with patients the lack of evidence to support the efficacy of homeopathic products. 

The RPS believes that pharmacists should ensure, wherever possible, that patients do not stop taking their prescribed medicines when choosing to take a homeopathic product. The Royal Pharmaceutical Society does not endorse homeopathy as a form of treatment.

The RPS are currently reviewing their policy and guidance on homeopathy and would like to hear the views of RPS members on this topic.

We expect this consultation to elicit strong views. In order to make sure all our members can tell us their views we have set up a short survey for RPS members.

The survey will close on 26th October. The RPS will be disclosing all correspondence, and will note any meetings with interested parties, on this matter to make sure any decision is fully transparent.

The three national RPS boards will be informed by this survey and ultimately decide whether RPS policy changes or remains the same.