Press Release

RPS debates prescription charges on Radio 5 Live

The Health Team at Radio 5 Live examined the issue of prescription charges today.  RPS spokesperson and pharmacist Neal Patel was on hand during the wide-ranging half-hour discussion which covered the views of health professionals, patients and politicians on this always controversial issue.  

The RPS believes there should be no barrier to patients accessing medicines and recognises that for some, prescription charges prevent people getting the treatment they need.  In addition, the current system in England exempts patients with some long-term conditions from paying charges, whilst others, with equally serious life-threatening conditions, have to pay.  In our view this is illogical and unfair to patients, especially for those on low incomes.  We would like to see the Government look at major reform of the existing charging system to provide greater equity of access to medicines and are part of the Prescription Charges Coalition which campaigns on this issue.
Listen to the whole Radio 5 Live slot: