RPS endorses the prescribing support for junior doctors

junior doctors prescribing

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has contributed to the publication of the new prescribing support guide for junior doctors, published by the Royal College of Physicians. The report recognises that pharmacists have a strong role to play in supporting junior doctors with safe prescribing. Hospital pharmacists can provide “on the spot” guidance and feedback related to prescribing. They can mentor and support junior doctors and others on the safe use of medicine through sharing learning, reporting and feedback.


The guidelines will enable safer prescribing within trusts. Although continued improvement in undergraduate medical training is essential, there is also a need for tailored induction in prescribing skills for junior doctors, to cover key safety principles, as outlined in our Competency Framework for all prescribers. Following the recommendations in this report will no doubt create a positive relationships between doctors and pharmacists and encourage better collaboration.


The Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s Roadmap to Advanced Practice and Professional Standards for Hospital Pharmacy Services also outlines the role of pharmacists and pharmacy team in supporting safe and effective prescribing.