RPS England Board meeting

Sandra Gidley comments on key issues from the recent meeting of the English Pharmacy Board

Following the October meeting of the English Pharmacy Board, RPS England Chair Sandra Gidley commented:

“The RPS England Board has always been very clear on our view about supervision. I recognise that many pharmacists will be concerned by reports in the media that changes to the law around supervision are being proposed which could undermine the role that pharmacists play in patient care. The English Pharmacy Board  would like to see the Rebalancing Board take forward practical steps to ensure their work is as open and transparent as possible. I am delighted that there is a strong commitment to do this from the CEO and President.

“The RPS campaign on antimicrobial resistance has raised the profile of the profession's contribution to this global threat. The next phase of our campaign will include practical resources to help pharmacists engage on this topic locally across hospital, general practice and community pharmacy settings.

"Our next campaign will focus on the role pharmacists have in mental health, we would be keen to hear from pharmacists with an interest in this area as we shape the campaign’s objectives.”