RPS England talks to BBC about prescribing over the counter medicines

Board Chair Sandra Gidley talks to BBC West Midlands radio

Chair of RPS England Sandra Gidley was interviewed by BBC West Midlands radio today about the outcome of NHS England’s consultation on over the counter medicines which should not be routinely prescribed. 

Sandra clarified that all pharmacists understand the importance of self-care and that if people can afford to buy over the counter medicines, they should. However, RPS England is clear that those on low incomes should not be disadvantaged. NHS England has provided guidance to clinical commissioning groups on implementing the new proposals.

“If you're feeling unwell go and speak to your pharmacist”, said Sandra. “If the symptoms you are describing are the consequences of a long-term condition or there are other symptoms of concern, you will be referred to your GP as a source of further help who may decide to prescribe medicines for you."