RPS England welcomes Government review of polypharmacy

Commenting on the proposed review of polypharmacy ordered by the Health and Social Care Secretary, Chair of the English Pharmacy Board Sandra Gidley said:

‘’Pharmacists across the health service play a vital role in patient safety and helping people get the most benefit from their medicines.

“We know that taking lots of different medicines can sometimes cause problems for people, particularly for those living with many long-term conditions.

“As people are living longer, often with complex and multiple conditions, the role of pharmacists in reviewing people’s medicines and ensuring they are on the most appropriate medicines for their conditions will become increasingly important.

“For this to truly improve the health and care of patients we need to harness the skills of pharmacists in all care settings, from community to care homes and from GP practices to hospitals.

“By working closely with other health professionals this initiative will help make sure that patients are taking the right medicines at the right time and not taking medicines that they do not need.

“We look forward to engaging further with Government and the NHS on this important issue.”


The Royal Pharmaceutical Society consulted on draft guidance on polypharmacy over the summer. You can read more about this here.