Press Release

RPS highlights the danger of out-of-date medicines

New research* published today shows that a quarter of British adults have knowingly taken medicine which is out of date.  Royal Pharmaceutical Society Board member Sid Dajani appeared in today’s Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail Online giving his views and also took to the airwaves this morning completing 16 BBC regional radio interviews on the subject.

Sid said: “People are risking their lives by not taking the use-by dates on their medicines seriously.

"The danger is what they don't do for you - anti-seizure drugs resulting in fits, people with asthma suffocating because their blue inhaler doesn't work or pregnancy tests showing a false negative because the active HCG reagent is too old.

"I urge everybody to check the use by date before taking medication, and to return out of date medicines to their local pharmacy where they'll be disposed of safely.

“In addition, if your medicines are not stored correctly they may break down or become harmful, for example if stored outside of their original packaging or in the sunlight. If you are unsure about how to store your medicines, talk to your local pharmacist.”

Listen to Sid's interview with BBC Radio Wiltshire:

* 5000 respondents interviewed by OnePoll on behalf of Thornton & Ross 11 May 2012