RPS in Scotland highlights concerns with proposed No Blame re-dress scheme

RPS in Scotland has provided the Scottish Government with its views on the proposed ‘No Blame re-dress scheme’. In principle we support the scheme, which fits well with our professional approach to a “no blame culture” or “just culture”, where being open and honest about mistakes is fully part of professional practice and where learning from mistakes is an important aspect of any adverse event. It also fits with the forthcoming legislation on Duty of Candour.
The proposal as it currently stands would make it easier for anyone harmed by clinical treatment to obtain compensation,without having to go through a lengthy process of proving someone was “at fault”. Unfortunately despite recommendations that all healthcare professionals be included, independent contractors and their employees are not initially to be included in the scheme.
Aileen Bryson, Practice & Policy Lead, said: “We highlighted our concern that this creates yet a further unhelpful distinction between NHS managed service employees and those independently contracted by the NHS to deliver NHS health services. This is particularly of concern at a time when we are striving for integration. We are therefore recommending that the Scottish Government considers broadening the scope of this proposal”.