RPS in Scotland responds to Scottish Government’s Drug and Alcohol draft strategy

Today we responded to the new Scottish Government Drug and Alcohol draft strategy “All together now”.  

We welcome the mention of pharmacists as professionals able to provide holistic care and support for both physical and mental health needs. We are also glad to see comments about widening the remit of community pharmacies. We believe that we need to build on that to get pharmacists recognised for the expertise they can provide.

Our response focuses on the huge potential of pharmacists still to be considered. Public health is a core role for all pharmacists. We also have experts in substance misuse and secure environments who could provide valuable input into new service provision.

The Government’s draft strategy looks also at the multidisciplinary approach. In our response, we have highlighted the need for access to records and sharing of information across everyone involved in care if this is to be successful. This means both a change in culture and resource into IT provision will be needed.

Our full response to the “All Together Now” draft strategy will be published soon.