RPS in Scotland seeks pharmacy nomination for SIGN Guideline on Migraine

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society in Scotland (RPS) in its role as a member of the SIGN Council would like to seek pharmacy nominations for a new SIGN guideline development group for the management of migraine. This guideline will update SIGN 107: Diagnosis and management of headache in adults, but will have a smaller, more focused remit addressing acute pharmacological management of migraine, pharmacological and devices therapies for prevention, and management of medication overuse headache. This opportunity will be of interest to specialists and generalist pharmacists working in community, primary or secondary care.

Nomination does not guarantee membership, but allows for members to be identified on behalf of the key stakeholders of SIGN.  Involvement in SIGN guidelines is professionally and clinically rewarding, the key attributes associated with successful contribution to SIGN groups are an ability to understand and comply with detailed methodology, motivation and initiative, and adherence to project deadlines over a sustained term. If you would like more information about SIGN and the benefits of getting involved and what this entails please contact RPS SIGN representative Alan Timmins at [email protected] and read the SIGN Pharmacy Compact.
Please note that the date of the first meeting is Tuesday 23rd August and there is a timescale of approximately 18 months to complete this work.
Nominations that include the details listed below need to be emailed to Annamarie McGregor, RPS Practice Development Lead, [email protected] by the 16th June 2016. 
Name :
Job Title, your Location and contact details for communications
Source:   Personal or on behalf of which organisation?
Details of your experience in the topic and in key attributes listed above
Statement in support of nomination from the line manager