RPS in Scotland welcomes blueprint document by the Scottish Conservatives but urges caution in regards to proposed 24-hour pharmacy service provision

Today the Scottish Conservatives have published a blueprint document, highlighting their vision for pharmacy services in Scotland.

While RPS in Scotland welcomes their call for significant additions to the pharmacists’ clinical role,  we are urging them to be cautious about recommending that pharmacists provide routine 24-hours services

Aileen Bryson, Deputy Director of the RPS in Scotland, said: “We are very supportive of having more independent pharmacist prescribers in the community and warmly welcome the Scottish Conservatives support for community pharmacists having access to health records, but we would be cautious about establishing 24 hour provision without evidence to support this.  

“The Scottish Conservatives have been working closely with us in developing their policy and we are pleased to see that many of our recommendations have been brought forward.  Implementation of these policies would use the unique expertise of pharmacists to improve patient access to advice   and treatment. It would mean people would see the right health professional at the right time and reduce unnecessary GP appointments both during the week and at weekends.”

Aileen’s comment on today’s publication, is also available at today’s edition of the Scottish Daily Mail.