RPS in Scotland welcomes imminent commencement of extended MAS pilot

The RPS welcomes imminent commencement of extended MAS pilot

The Scottish Government has via its NHS circular PCA (P)(2017) 2 communicated that the previously announced extended MAS pilot in the Inverclyde area of NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde will commence on 30 January 2017.

Following member engagement, the RPS in Scotland’s manifesto – ‘Right Medicine – Better Health – Fitter Future’ included a call for such an extension, and we are delighted that the Scottish Government will test the feasibility of an expanded community pharmacy Minor Ailment Service, accessible to all patients.

The pilot will involve the current MAS being extended to all patients registered with a GP practice in Inverclyde and augmented to include treatments for the most common, uncomplicated conditions normally requiring a GP prescription. The extended MAS will be piloted and evaluated as part of a whole systems approach to primary care transformational change within the Inverclyde Health and Social Care Partnership area.


Alex MacKinnon, Director for Scotland, said: “This was one of our key asks in our parliamentary manifesto ahead of the elections last year and I am delighted to see this pilot getting underway. I look forward to hearing more as it is rolled out and seeing the results of its evaluation.”